Denali Climb and Training

Dix on Superbowl Sunday 2012

After a few days of recovery from WMS rather than do what is expected for Superbowl Sunday and sit on my ass and watch TV I decided to do something productive and climb Dix (4857). We started from the Round Pond trailhead and it was quite Icy. After gaining a few hundred feet of elevation the snow took over and the trail was hard packed which made going quite easy/quick. We reached the base of the slide quickly and began to climb. I ended up feeling a bit crappy on the climb and I could feel the lactic acid building up in my legs (I don’t normally feel that way) we pushed on and reached the summit after about 4 hours from leaving the trailhead. A bit slow for my tastes but it was a beautiful sunny day and there was almost NO wind at the summit.

We took some pictures had a bit to eat and decided to move on and attempt to tackle Hough (4400). We traversed the ridge over to the Beckhorn and had to put on snowshoes almost immediately as the trail was no longer hard backed. The heard path over to Hough was broken but only by one or two people and the trail was very tight, I kept catching my ice axe on branches and it was slowing us down considerably. After two hours of this we hadn’t reached Hough and it was starting to get late so we decided to call it off and turned around back towards Dix. Once again we summited Dix and the views were still amazing even though it was starting to cloud up. We descended down Dix slowly as it is quite steep and it was Vicki’s first time on snowshoes. Once down we hiked back to the car with an astonishingly bright full moon where we really didn’t even need our headlamps to see.


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