Denali Climb and Training

WMS 2012

Just finished packing all my gear and food for my five night trip up in the Adirondacks with ADK’s Winter School.  I’ll be attending the Advanced Backpack section.  We’ll be spending five nights in the Seward range and planning several climbs during this time.  I spent a good deal of time on my food for this trip and finally was able to get it all together and keep things 100% paleo.  I’ll be surviving on the following:  pemican, beef jerky, chicken jerky, paleo trailmix, laura bars, various dried fruit paleo krunch, and macadamia nuts. It all adds up to about 5000 calories per day.  I haven’t been counting my calories lately but I think this will serve for a week in the backcountry during cold weather.  I’m well over the standard for 2lbs of food per day and am close to 3.5 lbs but I’ll deal with the extra weight to keep things paleo.  Due to my lack of planning ahead on the food setup I’ll be eating all “cold” meals and not cooking anything.   I prefer this myself as it makes things easier and less prep time. I’m not sure how this will go over with the instructors so I’ll have a bit of backup food (non paleo though) if they are concerned about what I’ve brought during our gear check. I’ve got plenty of herbal teas so I’ll be getting plenty of warmth from drinking them.

The weather isn’t looking that great for the next week,  it looks like it’ll be quite warm.  Last year when I attended Winter School 2011 we had extremely cold temperatures in the -30F range, it was pretty bad ass to have experienced that and I wouldn’t mind that again.  This year the low for all of next week right now is one day of 5 degrees but the rest of the week is in the high teens and twenties as the low. Hopefully it’ll stay cold and we’ll get some actual snow and NO RAIN.  It’ll be plenty icy right now if the reports are accurate from this week.   Either way I’m sure I’ll have a great time and I’ll post a report once I get back.


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