Denali Climb and Training

New Years Weekend… Mountaineering!

So to start the new year off I’ll be spending it in the mountains of all places… if you know me at all you know this isn’t very shocking (I spend every and I mean every weekend in the mountains) I became a regular Adirondack 46er back in October it took me 9 months and I’m working on becoming an Adirondack Winter 46er. Currently I have 8 winter peaks under my belt, 6 from last year and 2 from this past weekend.  In case you are wondering a 46er is a person who has climbed all 46 of the 4000 foot or higher peaks in New York State.  I’d like to try to get all 46 in this winter season but the priority will be focusing on my mountaineering training for Denali.

This weekend is going to start with a Climb of Mt. Colden on Saturday a nice leisurely 12.6 miles and 2535ft of elevation gain.  If all goes well it should be a shorter day depending on the pace of the group I’m with but we’ll see.  Sunday will be a bit more ambitious of a day.  At the moment I’m thinking of doing Street, Nye, Cascade and Porter but we’ll see how the day progresses.  Weather can be a huge factor this time of year and it can really slow you down.   Monday is still up in the air I haven’t decided on what to tackle yet maybe Dix and Hough  if I’m still feeling strong or Phelps and Tabletop if taking it easy is more in order but I’m going to play it by ear and decide Monday morning.

So being that I’ll be mountaineering all weekend I have to figure out what to eat.  Lately I’ve been subsisting on massive quantities of paleo friendly trail mix (almonds, cherries, walnuts, dates, sunflower seeds, cranberries, macadamia nuts and coconut flakes) as well as Laura barsI know I’m lacking in protein during the day and I’m looking into a good way to address with on my climbs by adding beef pemmican from .  Pemmican is a combination of grass-fed beef jerky, grass-fed tallow, a touch of honey, dried cherries and sea salt. Think of it as a paleo friendly power bar. I just ordered it this week and can’t wait to try it out.  I’ll be experimenting all winter with what works and doesn’t work on my climbing days to determine what I can/can’t eat and what works the best and leaves me with enough energy for those below zero 14 hour days I love so much :).


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